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Women Around the World

This sweet moment, East meets West in Istanbul, was captured by Mike Davis in Istanbul, Turkey (2014)

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Solo exhibits:

"Women Around the World"

     YWCA  - Berkeley, CA (2019)

"WOMEN: Young and Old Around the World"

     Corte Madera Library - Corte    

     Madera, CA (2019)


     North Branch Berkeley Public Library      Berkeley, CA (2015)

Since 1967, I have been traveling to other countries. In the last several years I’ve enjoyed documenting my visits. I’ve been moved by the different lives that I am able to glimpse as I travel. I see such beauty and strength in the diversity of these women’s experiences. There are wide cultural, religious, and economic factors that create and determine this visual spectrum. In addition to the US, the photos are from Ethiopia, Myanmar, Turkey, Morocco, India, Cuba, Japan, Namibia, and The United Arab Emirates.


I was often unable to communicate with the women in other countries except by gesture or a guide asking if I could take the women’s photo. Sadly, I do not know their names nor how they see the world. I would have loved to have learned their stories.

Southern Ethiopia

Karo girl, Omo Valley

Dassanech (Galeb) woman, Omo Valley

Dassanech (Galeb) woman, Omo Valley

Flowers, watch bands, earrings, shells, and bottle caps were used to create these headdresses. 

These photos show how women in different parts of the world express themselves through practices that have been handed down for generations: In Ethiopia some of the traditions are the wearing of lip plates, body painting, and elaborate headdresses.


This sixteen year old young woman began her training to become a geiko at fifteen. In Kyoto, the respectful name for geisha is geiko. The apprentices are called maiko. The maikos undergo rigorous training in the traditional Japanese arts to become entertainers. While studying, they live away from their families in an okiya (geiko house). It is estimated that currently there are about 100 geiko and 100 maiko in Kyoto.

Girl Japan.jpg

Girl, Japan

Shichi-go-san ( 7-5-3) is a Japanese festival celebrated for children aged 7, 5 and 3 years old. The official date is November 15th. Parents of a 3-year-old or 5-year-old son and / or of a 3-year-old or 7-year-old daughter will take them to a local Shinto shrine.


This gorgeous and elaborate hair style was created with otjize paste (made of butterfat and ochre). The paste is also used on the skin for beauty, protection from the sun and insect bites.